Flora Doehler

"I am passionate about exploring colour and texture in my paintings. The power and life force of the natural world inspires my work."

Flora Doeler graduated from the Art Centre at Central Technical School, Toronto in the 70's with a focus on printmaking and weaving. She studies painting at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin, Germany where she was influenced by the work of the German Expressionist movement.

Flora moved to the artist community of Bear River, Nova Scotia in 2007 where her studio is part of the Bear River Artists Studio Trail. 

"Painting from life or en plein air is my preference because of the sensual pleasure of seeing, smelling, feeling and hearing the scene. It is my way of interacting with nature. I have planted hundreds of flowers on our rural property for subject matter. I have stepped beyond the flower garden to paint the wilderness in the Nova Scotian landscape on Brier Island, the Bay of Fundy and in the ragged edges of fields and woods. While my inspiration comes from the natural world around me, I am excited by colourist painters who take their work to the edge of abstration."