Clare Bridge

"My work is inspired by the intrinsic forms, textures, and colours found in my Nova Scotia coastal environment.

Inherent in my designs are elements echoing early Inuit forms. Organic in style, my hand forged jewelry reflects the interconnection between land and sea, creating sculptural, wearable art, accenting any wardrobe.

Working in silver, gold, red brass, and bronze, including enamel and casted embellishments, I hand-forge the fine metals, establishing unique textured surfaces. The oxidation process is the final step: warming the fine metals’ tones, and enhancing the hammers’ hallmarks"

Clare Bridge



“The sculptural and organic quality of each piece gives a true sense of the hands of the maker. The unique and sometimes hidden details of each piece are a lovely surprise and certainly contribute to a signature style.” Jeffrey Cowling, First Vice President, Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC), Halifax, NS