Leya Evelyn

Leya Evelyn's enchanting abstracts yield layers of thoughtful meaning.

The process begins with silk-screened photo images. These images are collaged on canvas, written over and then worked with color. The writing, inspired by the photographs, are buried beneath the paint. Color becomes the main coordinating and expressive factor within the paintings.

The many layers of materials and images capture the complexities of life. The collage of images, Leya's responsive writing, and layers of paint underscore the balance and tension between public expression and more private, inner experiences. These works become a metaphor for the elusiveness of knowledge and experience.

"In my work, I am looking for qualities of timelessness. A successful painting has longevity: is continually giving birth, exploring, revealing, never stops telling its secrets. As abstract painting, my artwork is not based on a concept; it is not created by prescibed rules but opens up space, time and the unknown. The work integrates deeply personal exploration with a universal response in an environment of nonverbal interaction and communication."