The Flight of Fancy is an acclaimed art gallery and craft shop in the heart of Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We offer a unique shopping experience at studio prices with something for everyone, from the work of over two hundred artists. Just follow the river to our door.

We are open 7 days a week from 10 am – 6 pm.

Please visit us in Bear River, Nova Scotia.

Rob Buckland-Nicks Owner and Curator

1869 Clementsvale Road,
P.O. Box 223
Bear River, Nova Scotia
B0S 1B0

Phone: (902)467-4171
toll free: (866) 467-4171
Fax: (902)467-0600



  1. Martina Robinson
    August 4, 2012

    I am very glad to have visited your Gallery yesterday, Rob.
    I absolutely love my ‘onefooter’ ring!
    most sincerely, Martina

  2. Richard Hamilton
    October 3, 2012

    Hi Rob,

    We are the 2 Scots who visited your store on 20 Sep, and purchased a fine vase.
    We spoke of many things, not least the Shetland Puffins, aka Tammy Nories.
    It was most enjoyable to meet you and view the wonderful art in your store.

    Kind regards,
    Richard and June Hamilton
    @ 60 degrees North in Shetland

  3. Vance Simpson
    January 13, 2013

    As owners of the Harbourview Inn, we feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful shop to send our guests to see. Rob has a real eye for choosing beautiful and interesting works of art, top quality artistic creations and a whole variety of different and unique articles for his shop. His own paintings are really amazing… He specializes in painting on interesting rocks that he has collected. My personal favourite is a very intricate and detailed painting of an eagle soaring that he painted on a beautiful piece of stone with an interesting pattern…when you look beyond the painting of the eagle, you can see cliffs in the pattern of the rock. He has taken something natural and given you a completely new perspective!

    Rob creates a very warm and relaxed atmosphere with an invitation to enjoy all that you see without any pressure to buy. It is little wonder that the Flight of Fancy won the Atlantic Canada Craft Awards for Excellence. It is “renowned for high standards and attention to detail”. The Flight of Fancy is a must-see when you are in this part of the Province of Nova Scotia.

  4. Lee Arteau
    July 7, 2013

    I was in your beautiful shop few a few days ago and I purchased an wood box made by Brent Rourke. Would you be able to tell me what kind of wood he uses to make his boxes? I am hoping that this will be something my friend will keep for a lifetime and I’m sure he’ll ask what kind of wood it is made from. Also, thank you for making my sister and I feel so welcome (“I’m going out for some soup..”) and for promoting the amazing talents of your area. Like The Bare Naked Ladies said, ” If I Had a Million Dollars!”
    Lee Arteau
    Barrie Ontario

  5. Carole Zavala
    September 6, 2013

    Good morning, Rob

    Laurie and I loved your gallery -and meeting you – I’ll forward an email photo of you and my best pal, Missy Judith…

    Could you give me the name of that fabulous artist whose work I loved? I couldn’t figure out his last name/spelling –

    Looking forward to my next visit to Bear River and Nova Scotia…and more fish and chips – forget the “senior” portion!

    Fondly, Carole


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